Sunday, 1 November 2015

Doors, Cosmetics & New Stuff

Got the new desk delivered and a new chair from Ikea. Looking pretty good in there I think! The desk seems to be a little too short for me (I am 6'3"), so I've made a couple of wooden blocks that will raise it up a few inches. The desk has got monitor stands but with two 24" monitors on the top, there isn't enough room for my KRK's. So I've got some separate adjustable monitor stands which will be much better to set up too.

The door is nearly finished too - needs some sanding down & painting and then it's good to go. Skirting boards are all down now too - just gone for a bog standard white gloss which has really tidied up the laminate flooring.

Lights are in too. Dimmable set on a rotary switch.

Sofa (as expected) is too big now with the door in place. Might think about getting a smaller one, even better if I can get it in black, would look pretty awesome at the back there. Nearly there, can't wait to get writing again, I think the break has done me some real good...

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