Sunday, 18 October 2015

Painting & Laminate Flooring

Decent weekend of progress. With all the plasterboard down, gaps filled in with plaster and it all sanded down, it was time to decide on the paint and laminate flooring. I wanted to create a contrast between the floor and walls so have gone for a dark floor and a light greyish paint. I was tempted to create some feature walls of bright red or green, but overall I wanted a place I felt comfortable in. It may have looked good (interesting), but may not have become a place I wanted to spend time in. So, here's what I opted for :
So, we're nearly there. Last things to do are to install the lights and of course, build a door, which I'm assured is going to be easy... Still undecided about the sofa, it looks a bit big in there and is going to be a problem when the door goes in. And be even worse if I need bass traps built...
In other news, I've re-done my website which will be launched when the studio is ready. Very minimal, but with all the information required. I also want to set up a web cam in the studio so people can see what I'm up to so have ordered one. This brings up a little problem as my Wi-Fi won't reach to the log cabin. So I've gone and bought one of these : 

Which should run the interweb on my electrical system. So should be able to have a wired connection in the studio, which should be pretty quick (in theory). I've also decided on a new desk :

So the studio is all coming together, should look pretty cool, nice and tidy.

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