Monday, 29 June 2015

Sketchup Feckup...

So having looked in a few forums, Sketchup seems to be an awesome tool for designing buildings/rooms/studios etc etc. So here's a bash at my new studio, this is what I think it should look like. Next stage will be posting this up on a couple of cracking forums and seeing what those with more experience say. Also starting to think about the flooring. Currently thinking about a felt strip around the room, a layer of Lamella boards, and then a layer of chipboard on top. And then some kind of carpet to keep my toes warm in winter.

But here's the Sketchup. This is my first go so please be gentle with any comments :)

Monday, 22 June 2015

Let's start at the very beginning...

So... I have a log cabin in my garden, and this is going to be my new studio. The walls are far from sound proofed so I'm going to be doing a lot of work to bring this building up to scratch. I really want a place I can turn the volume up and not worry about the neighbours! Here are some of my initial thoughts :
  • The current lighting reminds me of a school canteen. They gotta go, replaced with spotlights...
  • I'm gonna build a room within the log cabin. There's enough space for this so should be all good. For the walls, it's gonna be a sheet of MDF, a layer of rockwool, then another sheet of MDF put together with genie clips.
  • One of the fundamental principles of this build will be to not have any parallel walls. Should help with the acoustics once the soundproofing is complete.
  • Any gaps (joins between wood etc) in the structure will be filled with some green glue.
  • Joins in MDF sheets will not be the same in each layer. This will reduce leakage. Slightly...
  • There is already an alarm system installed. The sensors can be re-homed inside the new room.
  • It also has air con, which will also have to be moved. This should help with the air circulation.

Here are some links :

Excellent forum on studio building
Genie Clips (with a good example of the wall I'm trying to create)
Green Glue
Long article from Sound On Sound

And here are some pictures :

I'll keep updating this blog as the build progresses... :)