Sunday, 20 December 2015

The setup

A couple of new additions to the studio tonight. First up is the Glorious Mixstation desk. Very easy to put up, good old flat pack style thingy. Nice width, managed to get my printer on there in addition to my decks and mixer. Now out of the kitchen which is sure to please the missus.

Next is the Behringer Xenyx Control1USB Mixer. I got so tired of the crap reliability of the TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt - probably down to the firewire connections but still not good enough. They're obviously trying to their own version of the Mackie BigKnob and I think they've done a top job of it at a great price. Thought it was USB powered but it doesn't seem to be. It's a bit big where it is at the moment. I think I'll remove the rack gear and move it into that space. Otherwise my sitting position won't be in the center.

All that's left is some audio panelling and setup of the studio cam...


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