Wednesday, 2 September 2015

More progress...

Here are a few more pictures from recent construction. The air con has been repositioned so it is now essentially internal. It is sitting on it's own chipboard as this will be mush more secure than positioning it on the plasterboard. The acoustic plasterboard will be cut around it.

I had to take the internal lights back as my dad pointed out that they would get very hot against the rockwool and may be a fire hazard. But after exchanging them, I found my new ones weren't dimmable. So after changing them again, I finally have some lights that I'm happy with.

Our new sofas for the house are being delivered on Monday (07/09), so the existing sofa will soon be in the studio. We did measure it up and have found we may have an issue with the door. We may not be able to put the sofa where we want and have an inward door. But this is a design problem, not a studio build issue. More too come on that I'm sure.

Half the ceiling has now been built, it's all starting to come together :

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