Wednesday, 1 July 2015

To Genie Clip or not Genie Clip...

Genie Clips
More Genie Clips

So I started putting together a sketchup to map out the construction of the walls, more specifically to see how many genie clips and "furring bars" will be needed for my studio build. And I came up with this :
Yellow bars are wood between the two plasterboard layers, the red lines are furring bars, and the red circles will be the genie clips. So, in total :
  • Side walls 2 x 18
  • End Walls 2 x 16
Genieclip furring bars
  • Side Walls 2 x 8 (1850mm)
  • End Walls 2 x 4 (1850 mm)
  • End Walls 2 x 4 (1200mm)
That's gonna cost a bit! Well, £371 in total. And that's a massive amount of my budget. In fact, nearly all of it. And I still have to have money for the acoustic plasterboard, rockwool, and a new desk.

And then I stumbled over this great post on gearslutz :

Specifically :

"there is no advantage to using the clips when building a "room within a room" - in fact it is a complete waste of money - and will most probably lower the TL vale of the wall in the lower frequency range.

One thing it will NOT do is give you any real bonus at any frequency.....

Look at it in this respect - you are trying to get a boost by decoupling something that is already decoupled.

The advantage to these clip systems is when you are forced into a single wall build - at which time they will decouple one wall face from the frame....."

So as I'm building a room within a room, I'm trying to decouple something that's already decoupled. Genieclips are not for me. Thank feck for that :)

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